Rew Down

REW DOWN (D639A9C-A) Because of the thin atmosphere and small quantities of usable land, the inhabitants of Rew Down chose to build the bulk of their civilization underwater. However, within the subsector, Rew Down is not best known for the beauty of its glass cities--Stephenson nestled amongst the pseudocoral reefs of the Polsloe Sea, or Manos al Aire, perched on the craggy northern islands of the Thøgersen Archipelago. Instead, Rew Down is a synonym for tragedy. Eleven years ago, the commercial passenger liner Yamanashi Hanzo suffered Drive failure during its approach sequence to Rew Down Port. The resulting explosion took out an immense swathe of the city, as well as destroying the planet’s main starport. Casualties were in the hundreds of thousands, and planetary infrastructure has still not recovered.