June 2010 session recap

Hring, Sabellian and Sloviss were asked to go assist Redra by Ulthrand. They went to gully, fought a dozen kruthiks and made their away across the gully by way of a log bridge. They found Redra, healed her and calmed her and then carried her back to the Deepgem Company in the seven pillard hall. Once she was fed and cared for the group went back to investigate the blue portal at the graveyard and the strange tracks they found at the edge of the gully. The portal was still there so they went to follow the tracks and came to the graveyard custodian’s compound where he was being held by 2 foulspawn manglers and Redra’s nightmare - a cambion hellsword. They were immediately attacked. The cambion was defeated soundly and the manglers dropped a short time later.

They returned to the graveyard and saw that the portal was closing. On the other side of the portal they saw a path leading into a forest area. They returned to the Seven Pillard Hall and updated Ulthand on the situation and asked about the path. He told them an ancient temple that he and no one he knew had been to because of its nearness to the graveyard. They shortly set out for the temple. inside the temple they were attacked in the rectory by 3 zombie kobold adventurers and a wight who wore a dark gem on his neck that put off a purple light. After defeating the four undead, they went back up to the main temple area to find hundreds if not thousands of zombies heading to the doors of the temple. They shut the doors, pulled furniture to barricade it and Sloviss and Hring set up a defensive position at the bottom of the stairs while Sabellian attempted to reconsecrate the altar to Orcus back to Erathis. Once Sabellian was satisfied with the altar, he decided to cast the gentle repose ritual on the altar and gem knowing the ritual may not have an effect on the gem.

As Hring and Slovis held off the zombies wave(a 1 block wide staircase allowed 1 zombie at a time) Sabellian concentrated on the ritual chanting praying and singing. it paid off as Sabellian began to notice necrotic sludge falling off of the gem to eventually reveal a shard of some type with intricate scrimshaw on one side and strange writings on the other side. the shard was thin and it was determined to be wellmade. Hring and Sloviss defeated the last zombie as the sun rose and after the ritual they made their way upstairs to see hundreds of zombies laying motionless inside and outside the temple.

Discovering a zombie green dragon, Hring decided to skin as much as he could stuffing the skins into the dragon’s emptied skull. he kept the brain to sell as spell component. the group came back to seven pillard hall with green dragon zombie skin after cleansing orcus temple and shard. group is now in back room with Ulthand and Redra discussing their adventures.