Session Thirteen 27-10-2016

The party walk into Breathstop, surrounded by groups of many different races of people. Orisong in particular is astounded at the huge marble buildings and the town is a hive of activity.

The first landmark they see is a wall, which you can ask questions to and receive an honest answer. The group join the already long queue and ask their own questions. Orisong asks what the most popular landmark is in the town, and receives the answer of the Mage Tower.

The group split up. Orisong decides to learn another instrument, as she has a lute she currently cannot play. She is directed by the townsfolk to a dwarf in a nearby inn. The dwarf claims that she is thirsty, so Orisong buys her a drink. She then tells Orisong rudely that she is not a teacher and she suggests finding someone else, leaving Orisong disappointed.

Bhalrom attempts to suggest that the clay oven manufacturers give him an oven for free with his warlock charms, which backfires completely and he is now persuaded to get a whole bakery built by them in the future. He leaves satisfied this is the best choice to try and find the others.