Stonehammer Great Hall

Dwarven hospitality is legendary among friend and foe alike. Any friend or ally invited in by a dwarf can expect hearty company, good food and barrels of quality ale. However an enemy enjoying traditional dwarven hospitality can expect a short visit filled with rage, metal and blood.

Stonehammer Great Hall demonstrates this better than any dungeon or kings palace could. Set into an obsidian vein found within the mountain the walls of the cavernous hall are a polished jet black reflecting back both the beholder and the superior stone masonry of the dwarves. Hundreds of candles adorn the walls of the hall, flickering light trickling through the lifeless skulls of former orc “guests”. It is not just orc skulls that grace the walls of this room however, large skullls of legendary creatures can also be found doubling as furniture within these walls.

It is considered quite the honor to be seated in the black hall and is usually only reserved for meetings of great importance, or for when the dwarven senate wish to un-nerve their guests prior to striking a deal.