What is the Old School Adventure Guide?
This guide is the collaborative effort of old school fans to create a set of coherent and play tested house rules for adventure outside the dungeon setting.
Its inspiration is the Expert set by Cook and as revised by Mentzer; and the Survival Guides of AD&D. Yet to be a resource in keeping with old school gaming requirements: short, sharp and house rulable. With great OSR art.
The aim is to publish a free PDF of this work, the dream is to create an at cost, physical book for the old school community.
Welcome to the Old School Adventure Guide, feel free to join us.

The Jovial Priest
Arkhein at Rather Gamey who has generously donated his logo to the Guide
Alex Schroeder

The Old School Adventure Guide

Overland Adventures
Underland Adventures
Aerial Adventures
Overwater Adventures
Underwater Adventures

Appendix A: Three Score of Saving Throws