The goddess of agriculture, the earth, knowledge, law, and discipline in the Adfeldan pantheon.

Kahran clergy are rigidly organized. The Prima, the highest-ranking clergywoman elected by her peers, occupies a position in the queen’s court. Below her are the cardinals, who each oversee the temples and shrines in their respective regions. Each temple is managed by an abbess, who in-turn commands a number of clerics and initiates of the faith. Rare is the man who attains a high rank within their faith, but there have been male cardinals in the past.

Unlike their ocean-revering counterparts, Kahrans occupy a strong administrative role in Adfeldan society. They are responsible for keeping record of harvest yields, blessing fields in times of lean, mending the wounded, managing disease, advising politicians, and providing basic education for Adfeldan citizens.

Casual worshipers of Kahra include farmers, soldiers who seek to protect the land, contemplative scholars, and rulers. There is also a sect of militant warrior-nuns (with some monks) who work closely with the cardinals to further the faith’s ends when a diplomatic approach is insufficient.