A vast country of warm deserts, grasslands, and rangelands, Kenishk is a wealthy expansionist nation at the southern border of Adfeld. Culturally, Kenishkites prize elevated thinking, success, and their rich martial tradition. As a result, many view other nations with contempt, considering them backward, barbaric, and impoverished in comparison. They have been especially critical of the Adfeldans, who have repelled their invasions several times, boasting that Kenishk is more wealthy, enlightened, and egalitarian. Adfeldans may not become Kenishkite citizens, but the reverse is possible.

Traditionally, Kenishk is ruled by a Sultan (or Sultanah, Kenishkites view men and women as lawful equals), who appoints ministers to carry out their will. These ministers then appoint subordinates to carry out their wills and so-on. These government officials carry both legal power and cultural pull, and successfully joining or advancing within their ranks is viewed as a prestigious achievement. In practice, the result is a chain of bureaucrats desperately attempting to undermine one another to advance up the social ladder.

In an attempt to grasp at greater power, Kenish, the First Sultan, attempted to bargain with a powerful demon - which went terribly wrong, and a significant portion of the population has carried fiendish influence in their bloodline ever since. While their countrymen have accepted them as normal humanoids as any other, many around the world view tieflings with a degree of fear and revulsion.

The current sultan, Szan the Conqueror, has been on the proverbial warpath, absorbing smaller nations for decades now, though has ceased all attacks on Adfeld, likely to turn his ambitions elsewhere (at least temporarily).