PART 2 - Memoriae ex Mysterium


With Mardus Bowman absconded on his glowing hoverbike, the BULLS set out to solve the most pressing matter of a lame mouse caught in a den of owls: the halted train. With Vond set to working his insight on a creative solution for the train’s fried controller circuits, the rest of the team spread out to tackle the alternate backup plans.

As Stev and Ari prepared the emergency maintenance cart, they were met with panicked and worried passengers, many of whom had inexplicably passed out from their inner turmoil. Even the doctor on board could not explain the sudden strange abundance of coma-inducing fits among the travelers. The other BULL teams on the other hand, finally appeared and were willing and eager to help extricate the train from its dangerous predicament, seemingly ignoring their previously unexplained absence in the preceding battle against Skull-chains and his spirit host.

Meanwhile, Waylan performed a more thorough search of the Imperial suite, where he found a similarly comatose Junior, who had progressed towards a state even more closely resembling death, but was nevertheless still somehow alive. Additionally, he discovered some of Mardus Bowman’s abandoned personal possessions, which most notably included a miniature soul-powered lighting cage. Perhaps all of their trouble would be worth something after all.

Finally, Vond was able to use Bishop’s advanced circuitry and some spirit energy to get the train engines pumping oil again. As the engines warmed up and the train began its slow return back to the Akoros Pass Waystation, the BULLS gathered to inspect the murdered body of the now identified Dunvil Clard, a low ranking nobleman of some Akoros line. With the train safely on the way, but with a few hours of travel still left, the BULLS decided to canvas the passengers for an explanation for the sudden mass-narcolepsy, and to investigate Dunvil’s history and character by reputation.

But when they stepped across the threshold of the car, they stepped into something else entirely unexpected…


Vond, Ari, Waylan, and Stev emerged in an entirely different time and place. As they stood on a grassy cliff overlooking a shimmering ocean and a rolling countryside dotted with little towns, gone was their familiar electro-gear and grease-oiled iron. Instead, the BULLS now stood in rich medieval attire in front of a stone well and the following knowledge inexplicably rolled over them:

Finally, the long war between nations had come to a close. An uneasy peace had finally been reached, returning happiness to the lands but with the shadow of long conflict dominating the collective consciousness of its people.

These thoughts were evident as truth, but clearly not their own. As the BULLS took all of this in, they noticed a lavender lady standing in front of the stone well. Her gaze was transfixed on a small statue perched on the edge of the well. This statue was intricate and beautiful, depicting a bird with a single extended wing and a branch in its mouth, a butterfly resting on the branch. This image was mirrored in the embroidery on the tabard that Waylan now wore.

She turned to the BULLS and seemed to know them, at least by different names, and asked: “I am glad you all made the journey unscathed, have you brought it with you?”. Confusion was all that the lavender lady received in response, and as the BULLS grasped for an answer to her question and an answer to their strange predicament, she did not look dismayed. She offered to help restore their memories and put back together their fragmented minds. As they stood at the edge of the cliff, hands joined in a circle of prayer, the lavender lady’s melodic spell wove through the fabric of their souls and summoned glowing dancing spirits from the depths of the stone well. As the spell rose to its climax, the familiar souls of the BULLS lifted out of their bodies in unison, ethereal hands still joined. As they floated there, staring down at these strange foreign bodies, they finally pieced together what had happened: they were standing in someone else’s memory. A memory impressed up on them by some great spirit out there in the Badlands of the Imperium, where their corporeal bodies must still lie.

As this comprehension finally reached them, they gazed upon the strange lavender spirit of the lady at the well, now floating in unison with the BULLS. Before they could look any further, they awoke.

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