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On the Ghost Lines


It is the year 891 of the Imperium that united the shattered isles of the cataclysm under one rule — all glory to his majesty the Immortal Emperor.

You work the ghost lines — the electro-railroad that passes through the ink-dark deadlands between cities. Spirits of the dead — free to roam the world since the gates of death were broken in the cataclysm — often get entangled in the powerful electrical field generated by the trains. LINE BULLS like you walk the length of the cars, magnetized boots clanking and breather-mask hissing, to clear the offending spirits with your lightning-hooks before they do too much damage.

Each city of the Imperium is encircled by crackling lightning-towers to create an electrical shell that spirits cannot penetrate. By law, all corpses are incinerated with lightning-oil (to destroy the spirit essence within) but wealthy citizens, heretics of the spirit cults, or the criminal element often arrange for a ghost to escape destruction at the crematorium. So called “rogue spirits” are also dealt with by bulls like you. For a fee, of course.

When the frontier scouts of the Imperium (the HOUNDS) find a spirit-well in the deathlands, they sometimes call in an experienced gang of bulls to help clear it out. This is the most dangerous work— far from the relative safety of the electro-rail and the possibility of a quick escape on the line. But the pay is substantial, and a bull that clears a spirit-well and survives might just scrape together enough of a stash to retire in style someday.

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