The Oncoming Storm

An L5R Campaign starting in the 1118th year of the Emerald Empire


Player Characters

Asahina Matoko

Kakita Jozan

Mirumoto Ryuji

Tsuruchi Shiro

Shiba Inasaru Deceased

Muro Deceased

The Great Clans

Imperial Families

The Crab Clan

The Crane Clan

The Dragon Clan

The Lion Clan

The Phoenix Clan

The Scorpion Clan

The Unicorn Clan

The Minor Clans


The Boar Clan

The Centipede Clan

The Dragonfly Clan

The Mantis Clan

The Fox Clan

The Hare Clan

The Wasp Clan

The Unaligned


Places We’ve Been

Ninkantoshi, a Lion Village

Tsuma, a Crane Town

Shiro Mirumoto and Shiro Kitsuki, Dragon Clan fortified cities.

Bitter Lies Castle, a Yogo fortification in Scorpion lands.

Humble Duty City, a Bayushi city in Scorpion lands.

The Haunted Valley and Temple of Lord Moon, a hidden location in Scorpion lands.

Ryoko Owari, the City of Green Walls, in Scorpion lands.

Three Cedars Village, near an endless series of caves, in Scorpion lands.

Artifacts and Heirlooms


The Armour of the Topaz Champion

The Black Scrolls

Sudden Thunder

Session Notes

Session One

Session Two

Session Three

Session Four

Session Five

Session Six