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KAKITA JOZAN current Topaz Champion

Crane clan Samurai

Kakita Bushi Rnk: 2

Honor: 6.3


Glory: 1.8 (2.8 in the Armour of the Topaz Champion)

Unspent XP: 0

Status: 2

Disadvantages: Sworn Enemy Ikoma Tadaka - 3pts

Advantages: Kakita Blade: Red Moon on White Wings (4K2) Wealth level (2) Armour of the Topaz Champion (+5TN, Dam Reduction 3, +1 Glory)

Skills: Iaijutsu: 3 Etiquette: 3 Ride: 1 Kenjutsu: 3 Sincerity: 2 Athletics: 1 Kyujutsu: 1 Tea Ceremony: 1 Courtier: 1 Battle: 2 Games (Go): 1 Jiujutsu: 1 Defense: 2 Perform (Poetry): 1 Heraldry: 1 Meditation: 1 Hunting: 1 Investigation: 1

BIO: Jozan is caught on the precipice of who he was, who he thinks he is, and who he might become. Classically handsome as only the Crane are Jozan faces the world with clear blue eyes that cloud over with worry and doubt in unguarded moments. He has taken to staring at his Grandfather’s blade wondering at the multitude of paths before him.

Red Moon on white wings

Silence reigns on barren hills

My way so unclear