As the Pre-Coup era begins, the Lion are at perhaps the greatest point of frustration in their history. Centuries without a true war, centuries with nothing more than handfuls of all-too-brief skirmishes, has left the clan with fully staffed armies, a massive war machine waiting for a conflict that can quench the fires in their bellies. Unfortunately, there seems to be is little on the horizon for them to anticipate.

Clan Champion - Akodo Toturi

‘Akodo Toturi’ had recently entered a temple to begin a lkife of meditation before he was recalled to serve his clan. He was appointed Clan Champion by the Emperor at the Topaz Championship in 1118. It is known that the Matsu family is not happy with the appointment.

‘Akodo Kage’ is the venerable sensei of the Akodo school, and the personal tutor to Hantei Sotorii.

‘Matsu Fumiko’ and ‘Matsu Fumiyo’ are twin sisters who competed during the Topaz Championship. They dislike Crane.