Mirimoto Ryuji

Mirimoto Ryuji is a gaunt young samurai. Like many of his clan, he is cheerful, calm and contemplative. Like many of his clan he ponders enlightenment and seeks knowledge in a wide range of pursuits. In quiet moments he can be found playing simple melodies upon his flute.

These qualities are often missed by others, for his most striking feature is the grey, almost scaly, scarring on his hands, feet and face. Strangers often step back from this young samurai’s path and make wards against the taint of the Shadowlands when he has passed. The simple truth is that when he was a lad of three, Ryuji wandered from his home into the snow covered forest. The boy was returned by a nameless tattooed brother, near lifeless. As they warmed him, the frostbitten limbs began to swell beyond what could normally be saved. The Shugenja Agasha Hanzo appeared and brought the boy to the temple. The Mirimoto do not know how the boy was saved, only that it was done. Ryuji has learned much from his scars.

At his gempukku ceremony, Ryuji spoke the following haiku, having meditated for long hours upon the only three words Shinsei ever spoke to Togashi:

On the Iron mountain,
Snow falls to earth unending,
stone does not lose cheer.

Mirimoto Ryuji did well at the Topaz championship, losing to Kikida Jozan in the final bout. He was noted to have exemplary egg scavenging skills. After a brief return home, Mirimoto Ryuji has been ordered to serve Shinjo Genku, an Emerald Magistrate.