Muro, trained as a Shosuro Infiltrator, was sent to spy on the Kuni court, which is probably not that big of a deal as the Crab hide little, drink a lot, and care only for the Wall. During the summer, Shosuro Muro had heard nothing from her master (Shosuro Otamiko) and upon making some discreet inquiries learned that no one knew of her. Confused, Muro inquired further and learned that not only had no one heard of her master, but as far as the Scorpion were concerned Shosuro Muro had been cast out for a disgraceful negligence of duty, leading to the death of a high ranking Soshi courtier. Confused and unable to return home, Muro stayed with the Kuni. The Crab didn’t ask many questions as long as his sword was sharp and he was willing to stand against the darkness and Muro found the Crab pragmatism alluring. So here he was, a ronin pretending to be a Crab.


Air 3 (Ref 3 Awa 3) Fire 2 (Agi 3 Int 2) Water 2 (Str 2 Per 2) Earth 2 (Sta 2 Will 2) Void 2


Silent 2 Social Disadvantage (Ronin) 3


Acting(Profession) 3 Athletics 1 Ninjutsu 1 Sincerity(Deceit) 3 Stealth(Sneaking) 2 Iajutsu 2 Kenjutsu 3 Jujitsu(Improvised Weapon) 2 Temptation 1 Forgery 1 Defence 1 Lore[Shadowlands] 1 Sleight of Hand 1 Etiquette 1 Courtier 1 Intimidation 1 Investigation 1 Kyujutsu 1 Heavy Weapons 2

Experience - 6