This era is a time of unusual prosperity for the Scorpion Clan. At the beginning of the twelfth century the Scorpion enjoy tremendous good fortune and favour, as their Champion Bayushi Shoju is one of the Emperor’s favored vassals and closest friends, and his beautiful wife Kachiko has recently been named Imperial Advisor.

Clan Champion - Bayushi Shoju

Bayushi Konpaku, Governor of Humble Duty City

Bayushi Osatu, his son.

Bayushi Dairyu, the blue-eyed Scorpion.

Bayushi Haru, Matoko’s new yojimbo.

Bayushi Tomaru, Scorpion Army commander.

Yogo Family Daimyo - Yogo Junzo

Yogo Ishida, Master of Bitter Lies Castle, and Asahina Matoko’s captor. He has changed since the First Scroll was opened.

Yogo Mayuri, his wife.

Yogo Reiha, a brash young shugenja who was the most frequent guardian of Asahina Matoko.

Shosuro Family Daimyo - Shosuro Hametsu

Shosuro Imada, a shadowy bushi who appears to be mute, and speaks in sign language with Reiha.