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Shiba Inasaru

Rings and Traits:

Air 3 (Ref 3 Awa 3) Fire 2 (Agi 2 Int 2) Earth 2 (Sta 2 Will 2) Void 2


Momoku 8 Infamous (Shiba) 2 Different School (Kitsuke Investigator) 5


Courtier 1 Etiquette(Courtesy) 1 Investigation(Interrogation) 3 Kenjutsu 1 Meditation 1 Sincerity 1 Lore(Shugenja)1 Defense 3 Kyujutsu 3 Intimidation 2

Experience - 11

Inasaru, a notable pain in the ass because of his dogged investigations, had made himself enough enemies in the Shiba family that he was shipped off to the Dragon to learn to be an investigator. His poor skill with a sword was complimented by his ability with the bow, though he did drop an Oni in the streets of Ryoko Owari. His lack of Jujitsu was the main factor in his death as he was unable to escape from the zombies that had grappled him.