Sudden Thunder

Sudden Thunder is a tetsubo nemurai. The wood of the 5’ octagonal shaft is dark reddish black, it is made of jet, fossilized wood. The weapon end is lined with metallic studs, each made of a copper alloy. The pommel is a flattened sphere of copper alloy with a crab symbol stamped in deeply. There were once wrappings around the lower half made of shark skin leather, although they are gone now.

Kiau Kako, the daughter of a Kiau Daimyo, crafted the weapon with her own hands as a wedding gift for her husband-to-be, Hiruma Mashiroishi. She was killed by a goblin ambush on the way to her wedding. Mashiroishi found his dead bride and the weapon and travelled alone into the Shadowlands, returning five days later gravely wounded, but satisfied.

The weapon was an heirloom of that branch of the Hiruma family for a century before it was lost in the Fall of Hiruma Castle. It has not been seen since.