The Black Scrolls

Twelve ancient scrolls used by the Seven Thunders to bind Fu Leng’s Soul in Ningen-do, so that he could not rise again. Each held a twelfth of Fu Leng’s Soul, for no magic could bind a larger portion.

Over the past ten centuries these artifacts have awoken as powerful nemurani. What was once twelve copies of Shinsei’s Pure Land Sutra have become evil rituals of incalculable power.

Bayushi claimed the right to guard the scrolls, and gave them to his champion, Yogo. However over the past centuries, as the scrolls became the stuff of legend the location of each scroll has been forgotten, even to those who were sworn to guard them.

In 1118 a great disturbance was felt. Shugenja everywhere were stricken by a strange malady. For those who study dark paths and forgotten lore it became clear. One of the Twelve Black Scrolls had been opened. One twelfth of Fu Leng’s soul was free.

Later in 1118 a group of investigators discovered a Black Scroll in a cave occupied by cultists.