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The Oncoming Storm

An L5R Campaign starting in the 1118th year of the Emerald Empire[*h4] [[image*right:soshi.jpg]]

Player Characters





[[Inasaru](*wiki*OncomingStorm/Shiba_Inasaru|Shiba)] Deceased

Muro Deceased

The Great Clans


[[Crab Clan](*wiki*OncomingStorm/Crab|The)]

[[Crane Clan](*wiki*OncomingStorm/Crane|The)]

[[Dragon Clan](*wiki*OncomingStorm/Dragon|The)]

[[Lion Clan](*wiki*OncomingStorm/Lion|The)]

[[Phoenix Clan](*wiki*OncomingStorm/Phoenix|The)]

[[Scorpion Clan](*wiki*OncomingStorm/Scorpion|The)]

[[Unicorn Clan](*wiki*OncomingStorm/Unicorn|The)]

The Minor Clans ===


The Boar Clan

The Centipede Clan

The Dragonfly Clan

The Mantis Clan

The Fox Clan

The Hare Clan

The Wasp Clan

The Unaligned


Places We’ve Been

Ninkantoshi, a Lion Village

Tsuma, a Crane Town

Shiro Mirumoto and Shiro Kitsuki, Dragon Clan fortified cities.

Bitter Lies Castle, a Yogo fortification in Scorpion lands.

Humble Duty City, a Bayushi city in Scorpion lands.

The Haunted Valley and Temple of Lord Moon, a hidden location in Scorpion lands.

Ryoko Owari, the City of Green Walls, in Scorpion lands.

Three Cedars Village, near an endless series of caves, in Scorpion lands.

Artifacts and Heirlooms


[[Armour of the Topaz Champion](*wiki*OncomingStorm/Armor_of_the_Topaz_Champion|The)]

The Black Scrolls


Session Notes







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