Technical details

Here’s what the software does:

The configuration is available from a repository, and so is the code.

Let me know if anything doesn’t work as expected and I’ll take a look.

How do I test a feed?

Use the feed validator.

What about the categories?

You add them to your blog post and they should get displayed. :)

This is from an RSS 2.0 feed, for example:


What about posts that keep reappearing?

It really depends on the software used to run the site. Technically, every post has a unique identifier. Now, if the software you use to run site changes the id when you edit a post, then it’ll reappear on the Planet. The Planet doesn’t know it’s the same old post but edited. It has a new identifier, so it’s new. I don’t think there’s anything I can do about it. I know that some other feed aggregators try to be clever about it: if a post has a new id but has the same name as some other post from the same site, then it doesn’t count as a new story. I don’t know. It all sounds very dodgy to me. Thus, for the time being, edited stories will sometimes reappear at the top of the Planet as new stories. Sorry! 🙇