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What is this?

A Planet is a website which collects posts from member blogs and displays them on a single page. We are trying to keep the blogosphere alive!

These are the English Planets currently hosted on this website:

Other languages:



In order to read the blog posts, you have various options:

  1. visit the site every now and then – it updates every four hours (use J and K to move from story to story!)
  2. subscribe to all the member blogs using the site’s OPML file (Explain this OPML thing)
  3. subscribe to the full feed of all the member posts as if it were just a single feed using the site’s RSS file


In order to become a member, you must contact Alex What you need to provide:

  1. The URL of your blog.
  2. Which Planet is it going to be? Check them out and see which crowd suits you better.

If your blog is about all sorts of topics, I’d investigate the possibility of tagging, labelling or categorizing your blog posts. See How to label your Blogspot posts, for example. Note that you don’t have to go back through your archive and label all your posts. The Planet software only cares about the last four posts in your feed (and about all your future posts, of course). If you just go back and label the last four posts appropriately, you’re good to go.

What happens next?

An extract of new blog posts is added to the Planet on a regular basis. The pages also have a feed which is basically a merged version of all their member feeds, in case readers aren’t picky and simply want to subscribe to all of them using their feed reader.

See Technical details if you want to know more.