What killed the blogs?

We used to have a good blogosphere going, OSR RPG bloggers in particular. Most blogs shrank away. A big part of that was Google+ scooping it all up. But Google+ is ending. People are returning to their blogs.

As we try to leave a comment on the various blogs out there, hosted on Blogger, Blogspot and Wordpress, you might find yourself reminded of what killed commenting on the blogs: those comment forms just don’t work for us. When we browse the web, we are armed to the teeth with browser extensions: Privacy Badger, uBlock Origin, uMatrix, and more. And that means the fancy forms just won’t work anymore. Our comments get eaten, login doesn’t work, and on and on. It’s a chore!

So, we could say that the comments are broken. Or that Google broke this fundamental aspect of blogs. No ads, no tracking? No comments! We should not accept the fact that borked comment forms on blogs operated by Google and others bring down the blogosphere again. Don’t be discouraged. Put your replies on your own blog.

Rebuilding the blogosphere is a community effort. We need to pick up on topics mentioned elsewhere, link to conversations happening elsewhere, recommend other bloggers. (Remember blog rolls?) Some of us haven’t stopped. Let’s get back to it.

Please join us!