United Federacy


When Humans first developed Tachyon Singularity Drive (ship creates a singularity in front of it, flies into singularity, accelerates to FTL while, and leaves the Singularity), the first aliens the met were the Streans.

Humanity began travelling amongst the stars in the year 2119, when they successfully completed their first tachyon singularity jump. Humans made first contact with the Ballene in 2120. The 8 month Armisian-Human War took place in 2122. After the peace treaty free trade was opened between all three nations. First contact with the Geido Conglomerate was made in 2123.

In 2139, The Apiddish Hegemony, with the goal of harnessing the tech of “the Ancients”, declared war on the Ballene. However, Human space was in between the Apiddish and the Ballene. The Apiddish, treating humanity like Belgium, began moving through Human space without permission. Ready to jump to the defense of their trade partners, the Armisians joined the Human ambush of the Apiddish fleet. This was the first battle of the Hegemony War.

The Hegemony War lasted 6 years, and while the alliance lost badly at the war’s outset, they managed to turn it around with time and coordination. Eventually, the war started going badly enough that doves in the Hegemony got enough support to stage a coup. The white peace was signed in 2145.

The war united the Armisians, Humans, and Ballene in a way that nothing else could. The races no longer just had common trade routes, but logistics networks, infrastructure, and enemies. They had proven that together they could fight off a much stronger power, and that gave a sense of security that couldn’t be over valued. The movement to make this unity permanent quickly gained momentum.

The United Federacy was formed in 2147. The Federacy was conceived as a “minimally invasive” union, with the Federacy only handling external affairs and the military. The Federacy would be overseen by a Triumvirate, with one member being appointed by each race.

The first Federacy designed ship was christened the UFS Federacy in 2159.

The game starts in 2164, as the last of the first order of Federacy exploration ships come off the line.

Unisim History Pope Jericho I’s election was only barely mentioned by the major news networks. In 2118, the relatively young pope was overseeing the Catholic church at an all time low in membership. In fact religion worldwide had been on the decline, and realistically, Judaism in Israel, Catholicism in South America, and Islam in the Mid-east was all that remained, and even those groups were rapidly losing believers.

As humanity began making first contacts, Pope Jericho learned of the still prevalent religions of Ballene and the last surviving cults of Armisia. Soon, he realized something; all of these religions revolved around a single, all powerful god, who promised an afterlife. A sociologist would describe that as evidence of convergent societal evolution, but Pope Jericho saw this as proof of his god.

In 2126, Pope Jericho announced the reform of the Catholic church into the United Church, the one true church of the United monotheistic god. This new religion of Unism combined aspects of all known surviving monotheistic religions, and purported that all of their gods were one and the same. The Pope managed to sway most Catholics to this new faith, and others were slowly slowly incorporated. Still, conversion was slow.

Then came the Hegemony War. As is often true in times of war, some turned to faith to seek salvation. And with the spirit of unity that came over the three nations, along with its modern style, the United Church was the natural choice for most. It galvanized the faith.

And then Pope Jericho died. This left behind a young, leaderless religion, without a succession plan, and with over 200 official religious books. Modern The church balkanized. Currently, the Federacy census has recorded over a million different denominations. It’s possible to be a Unist and believe just about anything.