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Summary: Gelöscht


< Starport: D-Class
< Size: 8000km (mars)
< Atmosphere: Dense, Tainted
< Hydrographics: 12%
< Population: 700,000,000
< Government:Corporation
< Law Level: 2
< Tech Level:45
< TXSS-104 is a planet that was left behind. TXSS-104 was purchased by the YanKami-Mof LLC in 4902. YanKami-Mof LLC purchased this planet in preparation for a legal case the company was expecting to lose. The expectation was that the planet was going to need to be cracked and used to pay reparations to the citizens of another system. The case lasted for about 4 years, before suddenly ending with the lawyers and 7 representative plaintiffs were killed in an unfortunate auto-docking incident. No new plaintiffs stepped forward to represent the system, so YanKami-Mof stopped all advancements of the TXSS-104 project.
< The inhabitants of TXSS-104 had been all but abandoned. They had to create a life for themselves- which was hard, because they did not own the resources, so they could not legally sell resources, off or on planet. Mining and attempting to sell back to YanKami-Mof became the major mode of the little government there was.
< In 4911, Yankami-Mof installed several corpo-Security services on the -planet, to fulfill mandates to the people who lived on planet. This created an 'us vs. them' scenario on planet, as many locals felt as though they were being taken advantage of by the contracts they signed to live on planet.
< In 4967, a group of Anti-Corporation, Anti-Bandit 'cowboys' started to call the planet Ohiri.


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