Glowkindle - fairly young gnome, master brewer and owner of the Wizard’s Tower Brewing Co.

Lathias - human cleric, life domain. Companion to Zia and Leo

Elro Aldataur - wood elf, retired ranger and leader of Palebank Village

Urgon Wenth - deceased dwarf who coming back from Eiselcross contracted a disease or curse that now seems to be spreading around Palebank Village. He slowly turned into an ice statue.

Tulgi Lutan - dwarf trapper from Palebank Village has started to show signs of the same illness that Urgon died from. She has told folks to stay away and let her die in peace.

Verla Pelc- owner of Pelc’s Curiosities an antique shop located in Palebank Village. She also has died from the same illness as Urgon. Her shop was robbed two months ago and was just ransacked by bandit elves sent by Hulil Lutan.

Hulil Lutan - priestess of Tiamat who works for the Uttolot family of Shadycreek Run. Her sister is Tugli. Hulil also has the same illness. She sent elf bandits to Pelc’s to try and find a cure while she is hold up in Croaker Cave.

Mila Teno - wood elf that has been guarding Urgon’s house.