Recap July 14, 2021

They headed back to find Glowkindle. He listened to their story over more drinks. He thanked them and give their 50gp each he had promised. He also gave them a +1 dagger. He then spoke:

I have one more thing you may be able to help me with. “Something unexplained has killed at least one person in Palebank Village. It is not too far down the road to the north. Seek out Elro Aldataur, one of the village leaders. Tell him I sent you.“

The trip would take a day and a half to reach the village. Zia knew that about a day into the journey it would start to get cold and that Palebank probably had a covering of snow.

They set out and as soon as the temperatures dropped Zia knew he would need better cold weather clothing. He was okay for now but it would only get colder.

They arrived on the outskirts of Palebank Village and saw a good number of people gathering at the graveyard just outside of the main village. They decided to head into the village to get Zia some warmer clothes. They found most places closed. It seemed that almost everyone in the village had gone to the graveyard. They guessed it was for the funeral of Urgon Wenth.

They headed to the graveyard.

Snow gently falls from the sky and wind bites your cheeks as you stand in the graveyard of Palebank Village, a fishing outpost of Uthodurn that is home to several hundred dwarves and elves with a few humans and gnomes around. The sun is low in the sky, sinking behind the fresh grave of Urgon Wenth, an old dwarf who caught a curse or disease that turned him into an ice statue. The folk of the village have gathered to pay their final respects to Urgon’s frozen remains.

A gruff voice speaks softly from behind you . “Thank you strangers for attending Urgon’s service.” You turn and meet the gaze of Elro Aldataur, a weathered elf, retired ranger,and the leader of the village. “I ‘m sorry to speak of dark tidings under such circumstances, but I believe that Palebank Village might be in danger, and I’m hoping you can help us.”

They told Elro that Glowkindle had sent them. He thanked them for coming. Zia said he needed better winter clothes and that nothing was open to purchase any. Elro said come to my house. I have clothes you can use. As they walked to his cabin, he gave them the following details about Urgon.

Two months ago, Urgon Wenth returned home after exploring Eiselcross for a year. He had been back for only for a few days when he came down with a strange affliction, which made the dwarf move slowly and caused blue veins to appear all over his body.

The village’s priests of Moradin and Corellon used every spell they could muster to attempt to heal Urgon, but nothing they tried could stop the bizarre malady. Urgon battled the affliction for weeks, until his ever-slowing body eventually turned to ice.

Until yesterday, Elro and the rest of the community believed that Urgon’s sad fate was an isolated incident, most likely caused by something the dwarf came into contact with while exploring Eiselcross. Then Elro noticed Tulgi Lutan, a dwarf trapper, showing signs of the same illness.

Alarmed, Elro tried to talk to Tulgi about it, but she pushed him away, asking that he let her die in peace.

If you are able, please find out what caused Urgon and Tulgi’s affliction. I am worried that it could spread but Tulgi refuses to talk to me. Maybe you all can have better luck with kher. She may not be as apprehensive with strangers. She seems to be distrustful of authorities which may explain her pushing me away.

He shows them where her cabin is located. They had passed it on the way in to the village.

He then show them where Urgon’s cabin is. Either searching Urgon’s home or talking to Tulgi at her cabin seems to me to be good places to start.

At his house Zia found comfortable winter clothes. They also asked about the rest of the village. Pelc’s Curiosities was an antiques store run by Verla Pelc. She bought and sold just about anything that interested her. The Jolly Dwarf is a cozy, two-story inn run by a retired dwarf adventurer named Ari Bortock.

They thanked Elro for the clothes and went to investigate the village. They decided to go to Pelc’s Curiosities first to sell the tarnished silverware set that they had found in the cellar area below Glowkindle’s Tavern.

The dark cabin before you has a sign over its door which reads, “ Pele’s Curiosities,” with the image of a curving dragon used to make the letter P. Though the shop appears closed, the front door is slightly ajar.

Leo hesitated but Zia opened the door and walked right in. He saw five cloaked elves that appeared to have ransacked the shop and are now searching through the broken debris on the floor. The furniture, shelves, and front counter have been smashed, and the shop’s wares now litter the floor.

The elves all turn at the same time when Zia enters. They aim their crossbows and fire.

Zia stepped forward and attacked with his rapier. Lathias stayed towards the back and fired his crossbow and gave healing to Zia most as he was on the front line. Leo moved into a corner and continued to fire his longbow.

The elves started dropping quickly. When there was only one elf left, she surrendered and dropped her weapons.

It did not take much to get the elf talking. She told them:

They work for Hulil Lutan, a dwarf priestessof Tiamat. Hulil works for the Uttolot family of Shadycreek Run. (They recognized the name but could not place where they knew it from)

Hulil’s sister, Tulgi, robbed Pele’s Curiosities two months ago. (They then knew where they had heard the name before)

Hulil is sick or cursed with some affliction that causes her to move slowly and is turning her veins blue.(She has the same illness as her sister and Urgon.)

Hulil ordered the bandits to trash Pele’s Curiosities in search of potions, scrolls, or other items that might help cure her. Despite their thorough search, the bandits found nothing useful. Hulil is hiding out with more bandits in Croaker Cave.

They decided to tie up the elf and turn her over to Elro and let him and the city decide what to do with her. They then began to check out the antique shop. They did not find anything of use. They also did not see any sign of Verla Pelc, the owner. They found a door and carefully opened it.

What a p pears to be an ice statue of an elf is bundled beneath the blankets of a bed along the east wall of the room. A small table loaded with dirty teacups and a kettle stands next to the bed. They had found Verla.

They needed to tell Erlo what they had found. They took the elf and put her in the room with Verla the ice statue and then went straight to Erlo’s house and told him what they had found.

Elro said he would get some guards and heard to Pelc’s to take care of Verla and start to clean up the shop. The group then headed to Urgon’s cabin.

The cabin was a one-story, one-room log cabin at the edge of town. As they approached they saw a female wood elf standing guard by the front door. Leo walked up to her. After explaining who they were and who had sent them (Erlo), she let them in the cabin while she stood watch outside.

This cramped, dark cabin might have been a cozy place when its owner was alive. Now an unmade bed stands near a cold fire place, its mantle hung with the head of some snarling white beast with gray horns. On the other side of the room, a small table strewn with dirty dishes and set with a dwarf-sized chair stands before two empty shelves whose contents are scattered across the floor: kitchen utensils, dried foodstuffs, adventuring gear, and a few books.

Leo went to look at the books while Zia looked under the bed and at the adventuring gear. The gear included: a silvered maul; a suit of splint armor sized for a dwarf; bulky, fur-lined clothing sized for a dwarf; a grappling hook; and a hooded lantern.

Leo flipped through the books but did not see anything until a folded slip of paper dropped out of one of them and hit the floor. Leo picked up and immediately saw that it had writing on it.

It was a receipt from Pelc’s Curiosities. (see handout in roll20)

AS Zia looked through the gear it dawned on him that this cabin had been ransacked as well. And he had a good idea that the person who ransacked this cabin was Tulgi. He then noticed a set of dwarf-sized footprints leading out of the cabin and out into the snow. They were faint and not obvious at first. He pointed them out to Leo and asked him if he could track these. He then said I think they will lead us to Tulgi’s cabin.

They took one more look around the cabin and then went to follow the footprints. Sure enough they led straight to the cabin that Elro had pointed to them was Tulgi’s.

This snow-covered cabin looks peaceful and quiet from the outside. Its windows are shuttered, and a steady stream of smoke piping out of the chimney indicates a roaring fire within.

They knocked on the door. They heard a dwarf female’s voice respond back: “Go away.”

They tried to convince her that they had been sent from her sister. They they had something that would help her recover the illness and more but she never responded and the door never opened.

Zia took out his hand axe and took a chop at the door to try and open it. It was a solid door and it did not budge so Zia took another swing but the hand axe ricocheted back and you him solidly. Dazed, he stepped back while Lathias stepped forward and healed him.

They decided to weigh their options. They could go to Croaker Cave and look for Hulil or they could stay at Tulgi’s cabin and either continue to try to convince her to let them in or find a way for them to get into the cabin.