A Warning to Zorak

After acquiring another piece of the strange rock first encountered on the Isle of Dread, this was given to your contact and fence in Ishtul. The information gleaned eventually led to the untimely, and very violent, death of Stormquil Halazar

In common on a plain piece of white paper is careful, bunched letters:

To Yedidia, also known as Philon the Gnome, who now conducts business at the Three Pearls under the name Zorak,

It has come to our attention that members of a certain group, those who travel under the sign of the new moon, have recently been seen in your establishment. It has also come to our attention that this group may be aware of the location of a certain item that belongs to us.

Please inform these persons that we wish to have the item returned, no questions asked. They will know of the item of which we speak. It has no value to them, or anyone, but our principles require that we take whatever measures are necessary to have the item returned to us.

We would like the item to be returned within ten days, in whatever manner suits the bearer, to Halazar’s Fine Gems, Sea Ward in Ishtul. They are, of course, free to keep any other items gained or scavenged during their time in Ishtul.

Please keep in mind when discussing the issue that we will not look any further into any dealings you or your normal associates may or may not be conducting within the city or between yourselves - these activities are not, as of now, pertinent to us. We also do not wish to involve any of your benefactors in this unfortunate situation. These courtesies, however, are wholly dependent on the outcome of our desire to have what is rightfully ours returned to us.

Signed, A Concerned Friend and Citizen

Written below is sprawling gnomish text:

So, making friends, huh? If you guys want I can return the thing for you. If not, and you aren’t going to return it, let me know so I can call in the favors I’ll need to save my neck. And of course, it goes without saying, you should probably split town for a while. A long while. Later. Zorak.