Acheron is an eternal battlefield of endless conflict. It is found in the extreme north of the Spirit World. Unending battles take place across the entire plain between huge armies, with no chance of victory or cease-fire. Above the eternal battlefield huge numbers of iron cubes of varying size, from continent-sized to small islands; not all of these are actually cube-shaped, but they are generally called cubes nonetheless. The cubes float in an air-filled, infinite space, occasionally colliding with each other.

Every cube face is habitable, with gravity always being directed towards the cube’s center; furthermore, the cubes are filled with caverns and tunnels..

The light on Acheron varies between that similar to bright moonlight to that of a dark and cloudy day. The sound of battle resonates around the landscape and can always be heard in the distance.


Acheron expands upward into the sky in four distinct layers:


The first layer of Acheron, Avalas, is also called The Battlefield. It contains the highest density of metal cubes and is thus host to the most fighting on the plane. The cubes are dotted with fortresses and covered with battlefields. Collisions between the cubes causes them to break apart in to smaller cubes, hence the smallest cubes are the oldest.

The citadel of Scourgehold is the realm of Hextor, the god of power and half-brother of Heironeous. Here Hextor presides over his legions as they train in The Great Coliseum.


Compared to Avalas, Thuldanin has a relatively small population. Geographically it is very much like the first, consisting of cubes, though smaller and less numerous. On this layer the cubes are scarred and pitted by battle. Many pits lead down to labyrinths containing the refuse of the endless battles of the plane. The remains of broken war machines and other devices line the interiors of the cubes, even some finely crafted weapons can be found amongst the rubble.

Thuldanin has a preservative quality that results in the petrification of objects and creatures that spend too long in the upper-most region of the air above Archeron; savvy visitors spend no longer than 29 days here.


Tintibulus contains a large number of four-sided, five-sided, eight-sided, and other solids in preference to the six-sided cubes that predominate the other layers. A layer of thick dust coats the surface of the solids here, which are made of a grey volcanic stone. Magicians’ libraries are scattered here, and is the best place in the Multiverse for magical research.


The fourth layer contains no regular shapes, but many shard-like solids of black ice with razor sharp edges. The shards fly about in violent motion, referred to as a bladestorm.

At the extreme of Ocanthus, where no creature can draw breath, lies the Cabal Macabre - the realm of the goddess of death and magic, Wee Jas. Her domain takes the form of a huge and intricately carved ice castle, that glows with a pale light. Wee Jas’ powers quell the bladestorm within a half mile of her location, allowing her to maintain her realm.


The City of Rigus is the northern-most city, sitting at the utmost end of the taiga belt beyond the Northern Mountains, has long been the gateway city to the battlefields of Archeron. There is a public portal at the summit of the city (the city being essentially a long winding ramp with shops, taverns, and other establishments along the spiral concourse). The other end of the portal is a vast plain full of wounded, waiting, and returning warriors moving between battles and battle worlds.