Bjorn's Riders

Bjorn’s Riders

The Riders are a mercenary company operating in the Northlands. Fallen on hard times with the loss of many of their mounts, they were encountered by the Prophets guarding the pass into Borovia. During the evening following the Prophets encounter with them, raiders attempted to steal the horses and female slaves of the Company. The raid driven off, Bjorn decided against preventing the Prophets to enter Borovia and alerting Strahd. After the destruction of the Castle, the Riders were asked to settle in Borovia by the Mayor Ismark to repopulate the valley after the ravages of the zombie plague.

Known Members

Bjorn - Human Male Fighter - Leader of the Riders.

Prior to the events within Borovia playing out, he offered the Prophets a job:

“Welcome Lads. My name is Bjorn. I’m captain of Bjorn’s Riders, as we are known. Unfortunately, we’ve had a string of bad luck and with our lack of mounts – maybe we should change our name to Bjorn’s Standing Arounders.”

“We have enough supplies and animals (of the four legged and two legged kind) to last through the winter. We could sure use some more horses though. You can make more as a cavalry company. When spring comes, our contract is up, and if we can find the mounts, we’ll probably head south. With all that’s going on there should be enough people looking to hire a blade or two”.

Arik - Human Male Fighter - Local who joined the riders.

His story to the Prophets:

“I had to get out of there. It’s a small town, I wanted to get out and see the world. Course, people say that before old Strahd got what was coming to him, you couldn’t ever leave. Figured I better take my chance while I could”

“I was never with the army. I’m pretty handy with a sword, but I didn’t want to join up just to stand around on guard duty. Plus, my family is dead, so there wasn’t anything I was real interested in protecting. Several of my friends went with the new Count on the raid. When they didn’t come back, well, I knew it was a matter of time before someone pressed all of the men into the army for another shot. That’s when I walked up the road and signed up with Bjorn. I’ve pledged my sword to Bjorn for six months, but if he’s still here then, I’m leaving. Hey, you guys are warriors, where’s the best place to find a job?”