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Warrior’s Camp - During the night, raiders slip in to try and loot the camp. They will knife the sentries, and then send a group in to fire the lodge and draw the mercs away so they can raid the rest of the camp. Strahd knows nothing of this, and it is only the cloud defenses of the valley that drive the raiders to plunder the camp.


Arik,– Arik is a local and only recently joined with the mercenary company. He knows about the history of the area.

“The old Strahd was killed in my father’s time, perhaps 25-30 years ago. He became obsessed with some girl in the village and after he kidnapped her, her father called in some adventurers. They killed him. In Borovia his name was a curse; he was some sort of inhuman monster since, according to my grandfather, he had ruled Borovia for hundred of years. How is that possible if he wasn’t some sort of fiend? Of course, my grandfather has a taste for tall tales, so no telling how true that is.”

“I had to get out of there. It’s a small town, I wanted to get out and see the world. Course, people say that before old Strahd got what was coming to him, you couldn’t ever leave. Figured I better take my chance while I could”

“I was never with the army. I’m pretty handy with a sword, but I didn’t want to join up just to stand around on guard duty. Plus, my family is dead, so there wasn’t anything I was real interested in protecting. Several of my friends went with the new Count on the raid. When they didn’t come back, well, I knew it was a matter of time before someone pressed all of the men into the army for another shot. That’s when I walked up the road and signed up with Bjorn. I’ve pledged my sword to Bjorn for six months, but if he’s still here then, I’m leaving. Hey, you guys are warriors, where’s the best place to find a job?”

“Besides the villagers, there’s the Vistani, they’re a group of little people, traders, smugglers, the like. They’re led by an old woman who’s famous for her fortunes. They stick to their camp in the woods mostly. The rest of the people live in little hamlets in the countryside – that’s where I grew up”.

Bjorn,– Bjorn is captain of the mercenary company Bjorn’s Riders. They are working at the behest of Kolyan (the town mayor, but in reality Strahd in disguise). Their orders are to guard the pass into the valley of Borovia. He has standing orders to report any visitors to the valley. He will not relate this to the players unless compelled to do so.

“Welcome Lads. My name is Bjorn. I’m captain of Bjorn’s Riders, as we are known. Unfortunately, we’ve had a string of bad luck and with our lack of mounts – maybe we should change our name to Bjorn’s Standing Arounders.”

“We’ve a commission from the mayor of Borovia, Kolyan Something-or-other-vich (Indirovich) to guard the pass into the valley of Borovia. Don’t know why. We haven’t seen anyone but a few peasants and gypsy wanderers.”

“You’ll want to turn back. We had a wagon, full of the vistani gypsies tell us there’s a plague in the town. The driver didn’t elaborate; he and the rest of ‘em, all packed in together, rode off as fast as they could. Probably the same thing that we’ve heard about out east, although this is the first I’ve heard of it on this side of the continent”.

“We have enough supplies and animals (of the four legged and two legged kind) to last through the winter. We could sure use some more horses though. You can make more as a cavalry company. When spring comes, our contract is up, and if we can find the mounts, we’ll probably head south. With all that’s going on there should be enough people looking to hire a blade or two”.

“Strahd? Never met him. Heard he’s a young guy who’s been fighting raiders west of here for his liege lord. Don’t know about him being a vampire or anything like that. Kolyan spoke pretty highly of him”.


Zombies in the square. Add Zombies.

Ashlynn, LG Human Pal5 – Ashlynn is a member of the Lightbringers, and organization dedicated to eradicating the undead. Her two charges, Thendrick and Mathilda, went into the church; before Ashlynn could follow them, she was swamped by the zombie hordes.

Zombies (15 – 20)

The Church/Graveyard

Here lies the center of the infection. Inside the priest Danovich is there with zombies, the blaspheme and the two missing Lightbringers, now turned to gravetouched ghouls.

Danovich – Human Clr5 Blaspheme Gravetouched Harpy Gravetouched Fighter (Thendrick) Gravetouched Cleric (Mathilda) Zombies (10)

Burgomaster’s (Mayor) Mansion

Irena and Ismark: Holed up in their mansion, surrounded by zombies, are Ireena and Ismark. They are watching over their father’s body to insure that he isn’t infected. The house is stoutly barricaded against the undead incursion. Ismark is a little foppish and self-important. Ireena is a bundle of rebellion; she isn’t sure what she wants. Both have been dominated by Strahd in order to torture their father for 1) location of the rod, and 2) his family’s role in his father/old self’s death. Strahd is planning to marry Ireena and make Ismark his puppet mayor.


“I am Ismark the Lesser. My father is – was – Kolyan Indirovich, the burgomaster of Borovia. But the burgomaster is dead! His body has lain here now for ten days. My sister and I have barricaded ourselves since”.

“So, the plague began in the church then? That is grim and sad new indeed. Danovich, the priest, used to ward the village, but his vigil must have lapsed with the death of his son. After his son’s body was laid to rest, he disappeared into the church not to reappear. It was shortly thereafter that the zombies began to walk”.

“The zombies didn’t get my father; the infection began after he was dead, thank the gods. No – it was someone or something else”.

“Me? I’m going to go the Blood of the Vine and have a good stiff drink and then, after we have buried my father, I will need to help my people recover. Go speak with Madam Eva if you want help – she’s west of town at the Vistani encampment. Or talk to Ireena. She’s the adventurous one in our family”.


With a DC 15 Sense Motive: “Young Strahd came to me…”

“What killed my father?…”

“Old Strahd? Come let’s return to town; there is much work to do. We can pay you if you help us clean up our town. And then tonight, after we’ve feasted, I’ll show you all you need to know about the Strahds, the castle, and what sins Borovia is paying for.” – She shows them the midnight procession. If they follow her and see the procession, Ashlynn will join them and reveal her true mission: To see if the young Strahd had succumbed to the evil of his new home. But she believes she arrived too late, she believes Strahd is dead.

Lands of Borovia

The Three Hags:

Madam Eva: She reads the PCs fortune on the condition they deal with Baba Zelenna.

Baba Zelenna: She is waiting for the new moon so she can summon Chervog and destroy Eva and the Vistani.

Drowned One: She is too insane to know what is going on. She knows how to “open” the rod (or bypass its protection).

The Assassin

Varikov: A dwarven assassin whose sole duty it is to kill any outsiders. His lair is behind the waterfall.