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So…the gods are crazy. According to my most recent communication with Boccob, it is unclear whether he was part of the pantheon of gods that sought retribution against the world. I suspect the ancient civilization worshiped the concept of knowledge and magic like we do but did not call it “Boccob” and so his cryptic response is likely semantical. More importantly, I am not sure what happened to the Others during this event: were they destroyed by the gods? is this when their metal sphere filled with a million Others in suspended animation was buried in the great southern salt flats (and if not, when did that happen)? If the Others were destroyed, did it just take them this long to recover sufficiently to attempt another take over of our spirit world? When the gods smote the world, what effect did that have on the spirit world: did it also remake it too? did that leave a spirit-world vacuum? I cannot believe Boccob or whatever he was called back then would have supported the complete destruction of all civilized knowledge…

– Timon 2010-05-28 11:47 UTC

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