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Adventure Log

16 February 2010: The Prophets are on a floating cube which might possibly be Yiembleu

2 March 2010: Our adventurers investigate a cleft on the underside of Yiembleu

8 March 2010: Yet more investigation of the mysterious rift and what lies beneath.

22 March 2010: Yiembleu asplode

29 March 2010: The Prophets return to Sard and are double-crossed by a impostor pretending to be Ben.

5 April 2010: The Prophets interrogate a survivor from Fake Ben’s failed ambush, but he refuses to promise to never again attack Sard so Yuji slits his throat. Then they teleport to where the reinforcements wait offshore and make short work of the armada floating there.

19 April 2010: The Prophets swear an oath to Count Boniface to be the Military Governors of Hommlet

26 April 2010: The Prophets are ambushed by a group of revenge minded dragon spawn called Hundrasi's Children who entered the Prophet’s land under the guise of dragon hunters. One of the half-dragons is killed, one escaped, and one was captured.

3 May 2010: Blue Dragon: One Hit Kill

10 May 2010: The Prophets host a festival to celebrate the new year and begin work to make their mark upon Hommlet. Scry leaves the group.

17 May 2010: County meeting in Waybury: A campaign is planned against the men of the east, as well as against the undead in the north. News reaches the Prophets of the assassination of the Exarch.

24 May 2010: Intriguing information is revealed after Killian uses his Oracle card and Timon casts a miraculous divination.

The Prophets of the New Moon







The DM’s Corner

The World - Information about the world.

Documents - Various letters, sendings, and other gathered information.

Cast of Characters - Some of the friendly and not so friendly acquaintances of the Prophets.

Places - Places the Prophets have adventured to and within.

Organizations - Sometimes adventures are not one person or in one place. Here are the organizations the Prophets have dealt with.

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