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Wanted: Loremaster, devotee of Boccob

(The following job listing has been posted at the major Boccob temples):

Timon of Palendros, Champion of the Arcane Mysteries and member of the Prophets of the New Moon, requires the specialized skill of a Loremaster to oversee the construction, organization, and administration of the newest Library Temple of Boccob. This will be a true academic marvel, equipped with state of the art divination tools and access to a growing catalogue of ancient wondrous items which Timon and the Prophets have accumulated during their travels. Having recently been granted rule over a vice-county of the Ishti Empire, the Prophets are moving quickly to import talent and treasure to what will likely become shinning city on a hill: Hommlet of Eulik. Come and become a part of history. Great benefits included: annual salary, room and board, annual paid sabbatical (including a Gate into any spirit world destination of your choosing), health and life insurance (including heal, restoration, and raise dead), and the security of the entire might of the Prophets. Requirements: Loremastery degree from an accredited university, either an arcane caster with specialization in divination (slightly preferred) or divine caster devoted to Boccob’s esoteric gnosticism, access to the eighth circle of power, and active training in all disciplines of knowledge. Please submit resumes to Timon by Sending or his mailbox at the Boccob temple in Ishti.