Class: Sacred Fist. Race: Human Male

Kivva is a former party member. He joined the party during their adventure into the Other’s base in the Plain of Fire due to the random draw of a card from the Deck of Many Things. He was killed in the Other’s base and elected to remain in the Spirit World when the party attempted to raise him.

Kivva gave a short description of the events that led him to join the Prophets:

The beast is dead. After an ardous journey through the twisting labyrinth beneath Witch Hill, you have finally overcome the fell beast that had sent forth its foul minions; despoiling, murdering and plundering their way through the valley below. The strength of Kord, after filling every fiber of your being, slowly wanes.

Toltes, the wizard identified the creature as an illithid - a name that meant little to you until you were given its common name: Mind flayer. The wizard is at the alter at the far end of the room now, rifling through the items upon it. Taurek, the lithe man whose skill with traps and locks is exceeded only by his greed, looks up from the slowly cooling corpse of the mind flayer.

“Hey, be careful”.

Taurek pads silently across the small stone chamber resplendent with arcane symbols to assist Totles. Wasting no time, Gerg, the swarthy, bulky wall of muscle that had accompanied your group, took up the task of stripping the monstrous sorcerer of his, now unneeded, goods.

“All of you come here”.

At Toltes urging, your small band of companions surrounds the altar. Upon it is an item that the wizard fears to touch.

“This, my friends, is an ancient artifact that, to this day, I believed only existed in legend. It is called the Deck of Many Fortunes”. His face, lined with age and knowledge, looks to be even graver then his usual stern visage.

“What does it do?”, asks Gerg, his face covered in a sheen of sweat - either from exertion or anticipation, you cannot tell. Gerg does well to hide the taint of orcish blood he carries, but at time like this, his innate avarice surfaces. He smiles. “I’ll draw a card”.

Toltes looks apprehensive. He knows the powers contained within the deck. He also knows that Gerg can barely comprehend the monumental choice he has made. Toltes sighs, and his voice barely a whisper, acquiesces.

“Draw my friend, but beware: This is a powerful force you are dealing with. For good, for evil, or…for neither”.

Gerg shrugs and takes a card. He holds it for a minute, but it disappears as he drops it from his hand. In the card’s place is sword, but not just a sword - its heft is carved with runes and sigils, its blade shimmers as if made of light. Gerg looks pleased. “I can hear it talk to me”. Toltes looks at the sword.

You feel the urge to draw a card. With a sharp intake a breath and a silent prayer to Kord, you reach for a card and draw.

Suddenly, you find yourself in a strange metal room. Long, sinous ropes come from the floor in places. Standing in front of you are two men, a gnome and a dwarf. Your head swims as you try to work through what has happened…and then one of them speaks…

“Who are you?”