The Lightbringers

“Suffer no false life” - Credo of the Lightbringers

The Lightbringers are an expansive guild of undead hunters that readily hands out charter memberships to anyone who wants to stamp out undead. Members of the guild pledge to fight undead wherever they exist, and to track undead down if necessary.


The Lightbringers Guild, as it was originally called, was started in the memory of an elf child named Auro Lightbringer. At the age of fourteen, Auro was stolen away by ghouls and consumed. Her siblings and others founded the Lightbringers in an oath of vengeance.

Structure and Organization

The Lightbringers have no central headquarters. Rather, they exist as numerous roving groups. Each individual chapter has its “headquarters” at the temple offering the membership charger. Generally affiliated temples in large cities set aside meeting rooms, living quarters, and offer healing and other spellcasting services for those who sign the guild’s charter. Pelor’s temples are best known for hosting Lightbringers - believers and non-believers alike.

Guild Leadership

The diffuse nature of the organization means that no central leadership exists. An individual or group who has signed the membership charter has complete authority over to manage its own responsibilities. Individual members are answerable only to themselves, though they report to the local chapter on progress towards yearly goals.

Some Lightbringers, seeking a figure of authority, tracked down the original elf family that initiated the guild. The organization accords the honorary title “Leading Light” to Merquo Lightbringer, the great-grandfather of Auro’s older brother. This title is purely a sign of respect. Merquo is an active member of the guild, and certainly inspires the others, though he’d never presume to give orders.

Joining the Guild

Anyone willing to sign the guild charter pledging the destruction of undead may join. There is a one-time initiation fee of 100 gp, donated to the affiliated temple housing the local chapter. Annual dues are also 100 gp, but the real cost of membership is a commitment to destroy a minimum number of undead each year. Each member sets his or her own limit, and is accountable only to the local chapter.