Mad One's Letters

Upon a parchment:

Destroy this letter immediately. If I find its contents used against me you will suffer retribution in this life and the next. Wrath such as mine is only imaginable to you. Agents have arranged suitable candidates for the plan. Be sure they find way to Elredd. Watch them but do not attempt to stop them. If need be requisition agents to guide them. Be wary of Ruvik. He answers to enemies on the council. He will no doubt set a trap in Elredd. I have confidence our friends will overcome any obstacle he may present. Remember events must transpire as agreed upon. Your payment has been delivered as previously arranged. Report any developments. Do not fail me.

Fancy document:

This document allows the Agent and Lord known as the Mad One and no more than five (5) associates entrance to, and free travel in, the city of Sunderheim. Misuse of this document carries the penalty of death. So, decreed, this the one-hundred and second year of the Glorious Recovery. The Council of Nine.

Furiously scibbled on scraps:

mad one. yre ordrd to presnt all info in yr possess about band. they r known 2 us. rewrd upon recpt of heads. the 9.

m o have word our enemies are on thr way. my bro n assoc will bring thm to me. everything set. will share rewrd. ruvik.

m o yr report saddens n angers me. u must recover body. they will suffer mightly. tell targil i will slit his throat. coward. ruvik.

target is at golds. old foe is here 2 occupy attention. should be easier hunting this time. will stay til oper is done then follow.