Nobu is a Lizardfolk warrior who accompanied the Prophets up the Snake River to the ruins of the Olmec city, Tamoachan. Nobu is a skilled warrior with both sword and bow, especially proficient with the latter. Nobu is also an excellent jungle tracker and survivalist. Nobu is currently High King of The Tribes.

Nobu and the Prophets Meet

Their ship attacked and sunk by pirates after leaving Seesat, the party commandeered a pirate vessel and fled landward. Eventually they found themselves on the shores of the Thassa along the delta of the Snake River. The party was greeted by a party of Lizardfolk led by Nobu who had be lying in wait to ambush the party, believing them to be slave raiders due to the purple sail of their commandeered ship.

The party accompanied Nobu and his warrior band to the Lizardfolk glad of Daar, home of the tribe of the same name. There they were asked to journey north to the “ruined city” to discover the source of evil present in the tribal priests’ visions. When asked why them, they were shocked to discover that these same divine visions had included the Prophets. Nobu was ordered to journey with the party.

During the journey, the party discovered that Nobu was one of the most powerful claimants to the throne and he believed he was sent up river to “die with Men” (this considered the death of an outcast) to allow the current king to consolidate his political position in Nobu’s absence. Here it was revealed that Nobu had seen the priests himself and was given a vision in which he returns, newly powerful and popular, and claims the kingship.

The Journey Up River and Looting of Tamoachan

See Tamoachan

The party, with Nobu newly installed as a member, journey up the Snake River via canoe. Since the Prophets had no other transportation magic, the journey took several months. Along the way the group fought many dangerous denizens of the jungle.

Eventually the group found the city of Tamoachan, entered the temple within, and successfully exited laden with treasure.

Nobu’s Return and Single Combat to Settle the Question of Kingship

After successfully looting Tamoachan, Nobu returned home to acclaim and praise, mostly from the younger generation who idolized his deeds and heroics as an adventurer. After some political maneuvering, Nobu found himself in sufficiently strong enough position to challenge the King to single combat.

For centuries the king had always been determined by single combat to the death (or banishment). This included succession after death and as a reaction to poor or tyrannical leadership.

After getting the party to swear not to interfere, Nobu defeated the King, and by rites of the Lizardfolk, became King of the Daar tribe. This was the end of Nobu’s membership in the party. After saying farewells, the party traveled to Freeport to unload the riches they had gathered from Tamoachan.

After the Prophets

Nobu worked in the three years after his association with the Prophets to consolidate all of the tribes into one High Tribe, referred to as "The Tribes".