Nyeru's Necromancers

The Diary of Prentiss, Cleric of Nerull

This journal, only two pages long, was found on the body of a young man. He had journeyed into the Vale to challenge the Black One with his fellow party members. He, like the rest, attempted to capture the Prophets. He died.

Journal Contents:

Every living things is an affront to the reaper and every death brings a dark spark of joy to his long dead heart

Dedicated to the skull and scythe. They came to me in Furondy. They bade me destroy life, and lo lord, i did so want so. the occasional murder was not enough. they wanted me to make potions for them. i did so, we spent well over a month making them. and in that time they told me much

they are

nyeru darkspring is the son of a wealthy alchemist. necromancer. believes he is entitled to lead because of his father’s weatlh. and his love for power. organized, political power

albion aalkrost half elf just wants enough magic and money to establish a storng hold somewheres. hates elock. he’s always trying to make himself look powerful in front of elock.

Elock wants to rule the vale. he is from bissel. he has an agreement with his cousin tracy.

Tracy studys under elock. she started as a rogue. she found out about elock her cousin. she is hanging with him because she’s sure he’ll teach her enough to be more powerful than him. she believes the group will be very successful.

Prentiss me, a cleric of nerull. a potion maker in freeport, part of a secret cabal. murdered for nerull

Red morgan like to play mage since it scares people more than being a tough guy, and he can scare mages. he realizes he knows too much. he relishes his physical power and takes every opportunity to show off. he is super cruel

we left freeport for stormhaven then bissel killed many for your glory along the way.

Elock claimed that bissel would be easy pickings. We subjugated many in the area before being driven out.

It was then that you showed me the proper path. We had avoided the vale since we had information that a powerful and evil wizard lived there. Nyeru decided to parlay with the black one, as the wizard is known, to gain access to his magic in return for defending the vale. This of course was a ruse perpetuated until we could gauge the true strength of the mage and his defenses.

The rest of our group only cares of fleeting personal power, of ephemeral glories such as arcane magic bestows. They believe that destroying or usurping the black one will give them a base with which to subdue the surrounding territories. I too wish to crush them under our heel, only so the slaughter and death this would bring would lead to further glory for you my lord.

But I alone know the true nature of the work you have sent me here to do. The ceremony the black one has planned is one not of good or evil, but of life. To cheat death, to cheat you my lord.

We probed the entrance to the vale and found it well guarded. Many traps and wards protected it. There were constant guards. So we chose to enter from the mountains.

At first it was tough, but through our magic we were able to cross the first of the formidable peaks of the barrier mountains.

Here’s what happened: Met and killed a party of dwarven miners at their claim used the metal to attract a loadstone mauler charmed it. Elock is its friend I turned the dwarves into zombies. 6 zombies. raided an elven village for more zombies. run into a few jaleeda birds.

Now, Elock has scryed upon a group of rich looking men in the valley. They have the uncautious way of the rich and powerful. Tomorrow morning we will work on a plan to take them. Until then.

Blessed be the blood and bones; may my day of death come but one moment closer. Amen.