Order of Hidden Mysteries

Timon! Timon!

A moment if you will. Hello, he says, sticking his large sweaty hand forward, my name is Mikkomenes, I’m the lecturer on ancient empires here at the college.

Well, I’ve just been parsing your fascinating tale of Tamohachen for my upcoming section on the Olmec. I was wondering if you would be willing to join me for a meal sometime to discuss a few questions I have. Of course, if you can’t I understand, but, if you can, bring your friends to the Scholar’s Cage (a reference to the small alcoves used by researchers in large libraries) at the evening bells. Me, and a few of my colleagues, would greatly appreciate it if you could come.

The dinner is excellent, the conversation boring to those that don’t have any knowledge skills. Scholarly banter ensues.

After the meal, one of the participants slips you a note. It says: “I may have some work for you if you are interested. Go to the Temple of Boccob tomorrow at noon and ask for Mossis.”

The next day, you ask for Mossis and are lead through the halls to the rectory where the scholars stay. You are brought to a door. A knock. Mossis is there along with another man. The second man is an older man with graying hair and bushy eyebrows.