Adventurer's Guild - A place for an adventurer to pick up some coin or information

Bjorn's Riders - A mercenary company guarding passage into Borovia

Brotherhood of the Cudgel - The Church of St. Cuthbert

Church of Boccob -

Clan of 1000 Fingers - A loose confederation of spies, assassins, and thieves

Council of Patriarchs - A body composed of the heads of all the major religions

Cult of the All Gods - A nefarious cult spreading within the nobles of Ishtul

Legion of the Severed Hand - A mercenary legion with an eye for conquest

Lightbringers - An order of paladins and clerics dedicated to the destruction of the undead

Nyeru's Necromancers - An adventuring party of like minded magic users

Olmec - An ancient empire centered in Tamoachan

Order of Hidden Mysteries - A secret organization that seeks hidden treasures

Slave Lords - A large, well organized group that controlled the slave trade

The Others - Beings from beyond bent on conquest of the world

The Pentagram - An underground cabal of mages dedicated to preserving learned arcana

The Sons of Silver - The once proud, now banned, monastic order founded to protect the Empire

The Tribes - The union of the major Lizardfolk tribes