Archeron - A location within the Spirit World, also known as The Plain of Eternal Battles

Borovia - A fog shrouded valley county in the Northern Forests.

Freeport - Mercantile city-state on the straits between the Thassa and the Eastern Sea.

Highport - Former cultural center of the Old Empire, now a capital of the Hordic province of Luent.

Hommlet - This town is the seat of a small military protectorate in the northeast of the County of Ulek

Ishtul - The City of Silver. The largest human city, it was the former capital of the Ishtii Empire.

Isle of Dread - A mysterious island in the far south. The rumored home of the magical Free Faring, which turns one into a God.

Rigus - Northern city that houses a Gate into the Spirit World that open on the Plain of Archeron.

Safeton - The southern-most human controlled city, Safeton is a fortress city on the borders between Freeport and Hordic territory.

Sard - An island in the Thassa, Sard is noted for its unique fruit products.

Seesat - Set at the mouth of the Ord River, Seesat was a haven for arcane magic prior to its assimilation into the Exarchy.

Slaver's Cove - A small islet in the south Thassa used a base of operations for the Slave Lord navy.

Stormhaven - City of a Thousand Seas. Stormhaven is a magically inclined trading city with a distinct class structure.

Stronghold Island - An island in the Eastern Sea. The Prophets used an abandoned tower there as a base of operations until it was compromised by the Others.

Sunderheim - The Hidden City of the Slave Lords. Located in the Plain of Fire, Sunderheim served as the headquarters for the Slave Lords until it was destroyed by an earthquake.

Tamoachan - A ruined city that was the center of the ancient Olmec Empire.

The Hidden Base of the Others - A secret base deep with in the southwestern wastelands of the Southern Continent.

The Slaver's Stockade - A base and clearinghouse of the Slave Lords hidden in the Dragonbach Mountains.

The Steel Tower - A cryptic tower guarded by the Others. Located at the North Pole

The Timeless Citadel -

The Vale - A Vale in the mountains northwest of Bissell that has been ruled by a powerful wizard called The Black One

Waybury - Seat of the County of Ulek. Current Lord is Count Boniface, General of the Northern Army