Porphy's Sendings

This scrap of parchment was found on the body of a man named Porphry who had tricked the Prophets into helping the All Gods Cult recover an artifact from a tomb. The message appears to be the written record of a series of Sendings sent between Porphry and an unknown party. The first, third, and final message have several words struck out - noted with a following (struck).

The following is hastily written in an uneven hand:

I(struck) am(struck) back in the(struck) city under the name Porphry I’ve(struck) located the(struck) crypt it is exactly as you described what hazards should I expect All praises to the All-Gods

Do not mention our masters again there are many who wish to discover us until we are ready we must remain unknown to our enemies

Once the guardian is slain you must recite exactly “Ona ta a’amin” reach into the void at the bottom of sarcophagus the item will appear.

I(struck) have procured the(struck) priestly vestments I(struck) have found suitable instruments at the Guild fools(struck) ones more interested in money than details I(struck) will report back once I have the(struck) item

Excellent you must not let them know nature of your task give agent details concerning their identities should we need to deal with them later

Our agent has the(struck) item I(struck) have set an(struck) illusion to fool any attempt to scry my location I(struck) will ride north to the(struck) safe house and await further orders.