Ruvik's Letters

A small curled slip of paper:

Recvd message Joinville. Raiding good. Losses light. Sailing direct to port. Contact agents in Aylredd for assistance.

Scrawled across several sheets of paper in slanted and cramped dwarven script:

ruvik. loss report. ghost forty, ghast twelve, ghoul sixteen, bloodwort two. total captives taken fifty three. full inventory of cargo to follow. captain joinville bloodwort

ruvik. four ransomable, sixteen women fit for pleasure, eighteen men suitable only for block. eleven trained servants, four artisans, suggest special auctions for these. joinville.

ruvik. you are authorized to dispose of these interlopers. interrogate if possible. do not let your desire for revenge interfere with our operations. the nine.

Handwritten on white linen paper, edged with gold:

Ragnar Ruvik of Clan Hargirt,

Greetings to Your Illustrious Self. Much warmed is my heart to harken to thy recent successes. So much do the virtues of your spirit shine, my heart yearns to call thee to my side. Thou are the source of my courage and the headwater of my desire to pursue the course which lies ahead of us. Patience is the counsel I give to thee. Our stars must be arranged before we can act. Alas, that the token I send can only dimly reflect the love that I feel.

I write to advise thee to caution, my love! Send the aid that you must for us to succeed by the most circumspect route, for old Klim grows nervous. I must watch him carefully for his schemes are numerous and devious. He is now, my agents believe, embroiled in some stratagem designed to discredit me. For thyself, trust no one. Remember the traps of the others on the Council are many and convoluted. If thou are discovered now, then thy life is lost.


On a folded piece of parchment, slightly smeared as if the ink is newly fresh:

Ragnar Ruvik, Lord of the Nine,

With such generous terms, how could we, humble servants of such an august personage as yourself do anything except accept? The contract has been authorized by the elders of the Clan and has been delivered to one of our top operatives.

Concerning your judgment of the abilities possessed by the ones so rightfully and justly deserving of your wrath: We respectively thank you for the warning of their prowess. As you, one who does not let the slightest of details escape notice, may already be aware of, the targets are familiar to us; indeed there is already a substantial bounty of five-thousand pieces of gold for each – double for the defector in their midst. This bounty, now retracted so our agent may work unfettered and unopposed, reflects the very dangerous nature of our, now mutual, opponents.

We anticipate our agent will fulfill the terms of the contract within the next cycle of the moons. We will be sure to provide proof to you upon completion of our agreement. If, by virtue of you renowned cunning, they should be slain at your hand, we will gladly return your payment minus our standard percentage.

Orestes, Master Chief of Operations

Written in Dwarven on a torn scrap of paper, partially burned:

Ship not stopping, continuing down coast instead. Cancel unloading plans. Our imported agents are to be given 72 hours free reign to amuse themselves at the local’s expense. Any man who has not left town after that is to be beaten to death.

Let out that our masters are displeased with support here and considering diverting traffic. May require a “friendlier” attitude from the locals to keep our trade. Make them nervous, let them think Highport may become port of choice.

As for the expected arrival of our guests, here is what I have designed:

(The rest is burnt and illegible)