Slave Lords

The Slave Lords

The Slave Lords is a name commonly applied to the organization centered in Sunderheim that controlled, regulated, and enforced much of the slaving operations along the coast and islands of the Thassa. Besides spies and agents in nearly every city, the Slave Lords had firm bases of operations in many of the cities of the Southern Continent (where slavery was more acceptable), as well as a home city located in a secret location within the Plain of Fire - the city of Sunderheim.

The Nine

“The Nine” is the common name for the Inner Council of the slaver organization commonly called the “Slave Lords”. The Inner Council is composed of nine individuals, each chosen to fill a vacancy by any remaining members of the council. In addition to these nine, there are a number of minor slave lords who handle important operations in the field. The most important of these field agents are organized into a fluid body simply referred to as the “Outer Council”. However, the nine members of the Inner Council decide all matters of policy.

The last Inner Council, prior to the body’s destruction at the hands of the Prophets of the New Moon, consisted of the following:

Destruction of the Slave Lord Organization

The Slave Lord organization was destroyed by an adventuring band known as the Prophets of the New Moon. The story of the Lords’ downfall is one that has been repeated throughout history: An attempt by one member of the Council to garner greater power ultimately led to the destruction of the entire Council.

The story, as related by a bard Assetivus, is generally as follows: