Sturm's Letters

On a sheet of paper in hastily scribbled common:

Send to all stations. Reports of inquisitive strangers in town. Tell guards to stand ready. Expect inspections at my leisure. No screw ups this time! Sturm B.

On thick parchment with finely tooled glyphs around the edge:

In recognition of you valuable service and profitable conduct, be it known that thou, Sturm Blackheart, are elevated this day to the Outer Council of the Lords and are hereby accorded all rights and privileges such as the Inner Council has seen fit to bestow upon that august body.

Hereafter, thou hast the right of appearance and residence within the walls of Sunderheim with a guard of no more than five persons. Be it known that any who shall interfere with the activities of Sturm Blackheart has raised his hand against all of the Councils and his safety shall be forfeit thereafter.

By the sponsorship of Stalman Klim and the acclimation of the Nine.

- The back of the document has a permanent image of Sturm Blackheart.

On a standard sheet of paper in craggy, large lettering:

I have word that there are valuable assets amongst the latest shipment. You are ordered to send these slaves to Sunderheim in the care of the merchant Alforas. The auction will be held here. Alforas will fairly recompense you for the loss. I must warn you, do not grow overbold Sturm Blackheart. Membership in the Outer Council is no safety from the wrath of the Nine! We will overlook the discrepancy this time, but I must warn you, do not attempt to deceive the Inner Council. Consider your actions carefully or you shall never make any consideration again.

Eanwulf, Lord of the Nine

On a folded piece of parchment inside of in flowing letters:

To my most gracious Lord Blackheart

I am filled with joy at your report. The raid you planned on the coast north of Safeton has reaped the profits you have predicted. But we must not let the others know the true depth of our success. Already Eanwulf and Ketta have learned of the talents and worth of some of our choicest acquirements. They must not learn any more. They do not suspect how we have profited from these raids and the consortium we share with them. We must be careful however; Klim has become suspicious of the true nature of our activities. We do not want his followers against our operations. We shall not sell those of birth or talent for they will never realize their worth on the block. You and I shall ransom them ourselves. Do not reveal their identity and arrange to send them here. Alforas will be traveling by the southern routes to the mountains - he is discreet so send them with him. I have my operatives waiting at our base there. I agree - you should plan further raids of this type. I will see that all shipments come through your base. It should not be too hard for you to separate out the most valuable stock for our special consideration. Through cooperation, we shall both make a profit.

Thy conspirator, Eldrave

- This letter is folded in thirds, and is wrapped in another, blank, piece of parchment.