The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan


The Party Learns of Tamoachan

Their ship attacked and sunk by pirates after leaving Seesat (and looting the Sphere of Chaos from a wizard named Darwell), the party commandeered a pirate vessel and fled landward. Eventually they found themselves on the shores of the Thassa along the delta of the Snake River. The party was greeted by a party of Lizardfolk led by Nobu who had be lying in wait to ambush the party, believing them to be slave raiders due to the purple sail of their commandeered ship. This was to be the party’s first experience with the menace of the purple sail (see the details of their campaign against the Slave Lords)

The party accompanied Nobu and his warrior band to the Lizardfolk glad of Daar, home of the tribe of the same name. There they were asked to journey north to the “ruined city” to discover the source of evil present in the tribal priests’ visions. When asked why them, they were shocked to discover that these same divine visions had included the Prophets. Nobu was ordered to journey with the party.

During the journey, the party discovered that Nobu was one of the most powerful claimants to the throne and he believed he was sent up river to “die with Men” (this considered the death of an outcast) to allow the current king to consolidate his political position in Nobu’s absence. Here it was revealed that Nobu had seen the priests himself and was given a vision in which he returns, newly powerful and popular, and claims the kingship.

The Journey Up River and Into the Heart of Darkness

The party, now including Nobu, traveled up the Snake River (Vyklade Niarhaanin in Draconic) in a canoe. The journey was perilous and fraught with danger. As the river wound its way toward the foliage covered highlands, the group had to remove the canoe from the river and carry it up cataracts, rocks, and other obstructions. There were several encounters with strange creatures, other Lizardfolk, and various denizens of the thick green canopy.

Finally, the party had come to another high falls. It was several thousands of feet, given the length of the river, the numerous plunging cataracts, and the plateaus and levels the party had ascended, above sea level, above the entrance of the party at the Daar Glade. Looking further upstream towards the source of the falls was a large lake, some miles across.

From the falls at the edge of this unnamed lake the party was been able to see far behind them towards the gleaming green water of the Thassa.

Here and there, emerging from the lake, were great stone figures with the torsos of men and the heads of jaguars, eagles, and other animals, shields upon their arms, spears grasped in their hands. These great figures were weathered, and covered with the patinas of age, greenish and red. Lichens and mosses grew in patches on the stone; vines clambered about them. Birds perched on the heads and shoulders of the great figures. The party silently paddled their canoe to the far edge.

Before them, more than four hundred yards in width, was a broad expanse of stone, at the northern edge of the huge lake. It was a landing, a hundred yards deep. On it were huge pillars, with iron rings, where vessels might be moored. At the back of the landing, leading upward were flights and levels of steps, extending the full length of the four hundred yards of the landing. At the height, on that level, set far back, was a great, ruined building, with stairs and white columns. Behind it, extending backward, was a ruined city, with crumbling walls. The landing was covered with vines. At places, and flanking the huge building at the top of the flights of stairs, were more of the huge figures of warriors, with shields and spears.

This then was the gateway to the ancient city of the Olmec, Tamoachan.

The Party Gains Entry to the City and Just As Quickly, Retreats

The party climbed the stair, unaware that one of the pillars was in reality a mimic. Hungry from years of small game, the mimic struck the party swiftly. The fight was short, and almost fatal to other besides the mimic. The creature dead, the party traveled on to the city. They found the city ringed with a crumbling wall, vines and other plants growing in the cracks of the weathered gray stone. There were four entrances to the city, a broad street from each gate culminating a large plaza, over which rose a weather beaten ziggurat. Each gate was flanked by huge statues of warriors with jaguar heads, shields and spears crossed in front of massive torsos. The party entered. They got no more than a few feet before the two massive statues began to animate and move towards them. The party retreated into the interior of the city, but could not shake the animated stone colossi. Eventually hiding in the crumbling ruins of a building, the party waited for the giants to pass, then quickly stole out of the city.

As was the Prophets’ way, they began to search for a back door or secret entrance.

The Secret Entrance is Found and the Party Enters the Shrine of Tamoachan

The party eventually found a cave on the northern edge of the city. The cave ran underneath the city almost to the Shrine. The cave seemed to open on a tunnel beneath the city. At the end of the tunnel they discovered a crack, the result of some sort of seismic activity, just big enough to fit through. However, before they could enter the lowest levels of the Shrine, a beast hidden on the ceiling of the cave attacked. This was a balhannoth, a creature drawn to magic. After a quick fight, the party subdued the beast and began their investigation of the Shrine.

Vampires, Ghosts, Traps and Otherworldly Purple Stones: What Occurred in the Shrine of Tamoachan


Crab/Killian Dies!

Spinning room trap

History of the Olmec

Mummy Centaur

Brass Serpent


Ayocuan - Dwarven builder. Undead tomb guardian of Tlacaelel

Tlacaelel, Emperor of the Olmec Last Emperor of the Olmec. Haunts the ruins

Tloques-poplocas, Master of the Outsiders Vampire agent of Zotz. Entombed

Xipe, Lord of Pain Devil bound to protect Temple

Zotz - A strange being from an unnamed and unknown universe trapped within the Temple

open decanter of endless water

End of temple of zozithala

Ring of Stone

will o wisp and sand trap

gas spore – looks like a beholder


Trap North stairs (correct) – West gods head babble ray of enfeeb East in shadows cannot be climbed South change color and you climb and climb and climb

The altar