Educated in a austere hamlet of Palindros near the eastern frontier of the old Ishtul Empire, Timon plunged himself into a spiritual devotion to arcane magic and knowledge. After years of study behind books accounting the fantastical depths of the underdark, the nether reaches of the spirit world, and the edges of rational thought, he set off to explore the ancient wonders of the crumbling empire. It was not long before he met a group of adventurers in a random tavern in a random town beset by a burgeoning imperial army drafting all able bodied men. Fortunately this group shared his draft-dodging attitude and were equally intrigued by an offer of ocean passage from a band of Cuthbert priests in exchange for quick “noble” deed. Just a brief smash-and-grab in an evil abandoned wizard’s tower to retrieve a dangerous artifact. And thus the Prophets of the New Moon were born.

But first more about Timon. He was born with the formal name Timaeus, after the title of the famous dialogue of Zygag the Mad (ancient servant of Boccob) regarding the nature of the physical world and humanoids. His father, Damascius, was one of the last heads of the Academy of Magic before its closure by the Eastern Exarch Jusirius. Jusirius deemed Boccob’s teachings as heretical and bowed to the growing influence of St. Cuthbert converts. Nowadays Boccob’s churches are more or less tolerated as secular arcane libraries and Boccob’s portfolio has been subsumed in St. Cuthbert exegesis by equating the Mind of Boccob with the same power source that the great Saint himself used to obtain godhood.

Much of Timon’s early adventuring career consisted of endless hours studying the Classic works of arcane philosophy. But with his family digraced, he had to find work as a scribe for a local duke. Timon was quite useful, being literate in all of the humanoid languages and knowing some of the basic blessings of Boccob. He was most often utilized by the duke’s son Armaedo who dragged Timon along on his hunting parties searching for strange beasts that stalked the countryside. It was on these outings that Timon honed his healing arts and even acquired the arcane understaning of magic item identification and creation. After about a year of petty game, Armaedo received permission from the neighboring duchy to explore an abandoned silver mine. Timon’s research, and what he later describes as Boccob’s direct divination, however, prepared the adventuring party for the foulest putrid stink of a clutch of troglodytes. The trogs had followed an underground aquifer hundreds of miles from the far south east Salt Sea and had born with them an ancient reliquary (most likely completely ignorant of its true contents). The trogs treated the iron chest as if it were sacred and hundreds of years of lime encrusted its identifying symbols making it indecipherable. Timon was overcome with excitement with its discovery to say the least.

With the trogs dispatched and the mine reopened, Armaedo was hailed a hero and given the appropriate accolades. Timon however spent the next six months carefully pealing away at the lime and diligently searching the Duke’s library for clues about the mysterious iron chest. A full explanation of its contents cannot be revealed at this time since it would constitute such a controversial heresy that Timon’s life (and even his soul) would be at grave risk. All that can be said is that the chest contained preserved scrolls detailing a different account of Cuthbert’s rise to deity than is accepted in his church cannon. Timon long ago hid those scrolls and has dedicated his life to researching its historical context, hoping that deep within the next dungeon or crypt another clue might await.

Released from the Duke’s service, Timon’s travels took him to the nearest full-sized temple of Boccob where he spent a few years expanding his magic item creation skills and submitting articles to far-away temples regarding his theory on “Residuum.” This is the ability to extract arcane power from magic items and gems in order to create new magic items. It involves a complex formula that won Timon a respectable grant from the larger temple of Boccob in Freeport to carry out his research for those few years. It was not long after this funding ran out that the Exarch’s army showed up and Timon met his destiny as a Prophet of the New Moon.