Xander, in an effort to connect with his “inner chaos” and save a little skrilla, opted a while back* to be reincarnated instead of raised on his next death. That is to say, his last death. The one with Fake Ben and the traitorous she-devil. He is now a Lizardfolk who goes by Vieovado and denies any connection to or knowledge or every having been this Xander character.


Xander was once hired to impersonate a duke while he was “on vacation.” In fact, said duke was on the run from thugs who had come seeking reparations for a deal gone sour. Xander’s disguise was initially so convincing that, by the time he realized what was going on, his attempts to straighten out the story merely left the thugs convinced the wizard had been Xander the whole time.

While on the run, Xander stumbled into the underground layer of a giant LivingBrain. The brain made quick work of Xander (as creatures immune to mind-affecting spells are wont to do), but his story did not end that day. As luck would have it, the ProphetsOfTheNewMoon were nearly slain by another giant LivingBrain and in need of a replacement for Kkiva, Fist of Cuthbert (dnr?). Boccob offered our agnostic friend Xander new life if he would aid the Prophets in their second chance to defeat the giant LivingBrain. Thus began a beautiful new partnership.

Initially, the Prophets’ recent decision to make a name for themselves was off-putting to Xander, who’s usually found anonymity invaluable for his line of work. However, he soon found the Prophets provided the more attractive combination of muscle, loot-and-xp-laden adventures, and always having someone nearby to cast Raise Dead**.

It’s been years since Xander traveled with an adventuring party, and never before has he rolled with homies of such badassitude. Unsure what he wants from life at this moment, he’ll snag up some gp and xp in the meantime.

* Inspired, of course, by Cal’s successful upgrade from short, annoying weird guy to hot, badass warrior chick.

** though it’s worth noting that he’s been needing this a lot lately. Except on Yiembleu. Xander probably won’t let anyone forget he never died on Yiembleu.