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Recently, Boccob himself has revealed to the Prophets and his Chosen One, Timon, that the Exarch has colluded with the Patriarch of St. Cuthbert to “fake” his own death and not willingly be resurrected after being “assassinated.” Very curious.

– Timon 2010-05-18 02:21 UTC

Nystul’s Magic Aura - every 18 days I will cycle through the following items and mask their magical auras as follows: - Glamoured Full Plate will register as nonmagical but subject to a Magic Vestment spell (meaning only someone with greater arcane sight could notice the “active spell” and then they would still be fooled) - Belt of Battle - will register as nonmagical - Cloak of Resistance -will register as faint illusion - Headband of Intellect - will register as faint transmutation - Periapt of Wisdom - will register as faint conjuration - Darkwood Shield - faint abjuration only (hiding the magic vestment spell that enhances the bonus to +4) - All of Yugi’s items should register as nonmagical so he can maneuver, generating little threat - All of Killian’s items should register as strong/necromantic auras to increase his threat. - Not sure if Cal or Vidal should or want their auras masked. I will guess Vidal has access to this spell himself.

– Timon 2010-05-29 05:00 UTC