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Merchants Guild


Lead by the three wealthiest merchants in Cresil. Currently, the merchant at the head is a man known as Resori Arertan.


Recent workings with a local group of assassins has made it so they hold the power over the nation and are able to increase their wealth exponentially. The current reigning monarchy is held as a puppet for their will, if the royal family is to betray them, then the assassins will make their move.



A woman has been looking into the corruption of the Merchants Guild. If you want to prove yourself loyal to the Guild, and earn some money for it, keep her from talking however you can.


Some of those in the assassins group have begun to go against the Guilds wishes, make them see that they must follow through with their contract.


There is an uprising against the Guild starting from the poor district of the city, suppress it and you will have all the riches you could need.